General terms of website use

General Terms and Conditions for using the Website


These conditions are concluded between the Parties, on the first part, SPRL LEMBRIX - hereinafter the Service Provider - registered with Banque Carrefour des Entreprises de Belgique under the number 0477.924.146 4970 with its head quarters at 4970 Stavelot, Rue Abbé Dossogne 27 and, on the second part, persons consulting or using the website, hereinafter the Website, and the services offered through it, hereinafter the Visitor.
They are to be considered jointly with the Privacy and Confidentiality charter.

Contact information: 


VAT: BE477.924.146



Phone number: 0032 87 27 52 04

Service description:

Under the trade name Ardennes Loisirs and via the website, hereinafter the Website, the Service Provider offers a hosting space for your professional holiday rental advertisement offers, guest rooms and other holiday rentals for tourism. The Service Provider offers a hosting space for professionals offering holiday rentals - hereinafter the Owners - as well as a booking service and an online payment service.

Article 1.    Purpose of the agreement

The Service Provider only provides an advertisement-hosting platform to enable Owners and Visitors to make contact. The Service Provider shall not interfere in the contractual relationship that develops between the Visitor and the Owner and assumes no obligation as an intermediary or tour operator nor as a real estate agent.
Once a reservation is made, the Service Provider merely transmits to the Owner the information necessary for booking. The Service Provider also hosts the payment platform.
Service is free for Visitors.
Use and consultation of the Website constitutes acceptance of these conditions. When opening an account, the Visitor is also invited to expressly confirm his/her acceptance of the general terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions are permanently available for download (in PDF format) on the Website, at the address
These general terms and conditions can be modified at any time by the Service Provider, depending on the evolution of the applicable rules and its own needs. The new conditions will apply upon publication on the Website. It is the Visitor’s responsibility to verify the conditions during his/her visit. In the interests of transparency, the Service Provider will place a warning to attract the attention of Visitors.

Article 2.    Privacy

Personal data relating to the Visitor is treated according to the "Privacy Policy" that the Visitor is asked to accept when registering on the Website.

Article 3.    Cancellation

The Service Provider draws attention to the general terms and conditions and cancellation procedures of the Owner. The Service Provider does not interfere in the contractual relationship that binds the owner and the Visitor because of the order and cannot be held responsible in case of any refusal by the Owner to cancel a reservation.
Requests for any cancellation should be addressed directly to the Owner.

Article 4.    Web site availability

The Service Provider does everything possible to ensure that the site is accessible 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Nevertheless, the Service Provider reserves the right to suspend access to the Website for reasons including technical reasons without notice at any time. The Service Provider cannot be held responsible for these interruptions and for their consequences.
The Service Provider shall not be held liable for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the Internet, including connection interruptions, external intrusions or the presence of computer viruses, or any force majeure, in accordance with the law.

Article 5.    Responsibility

As a rule, the Service Provider has, for all its services which it offers via the Website, only an obligation of means.
The Owner is solely responsible for the content of the advertisement and the actual quality of rental offers that he/she offers. No prior control is made as to the actual quality of property offered for rent. The Service Provider does not provide the Visitor with advice on the selection of advertisements.
The Visitor is solely responsible for the content of comments he/she places on the Website. The Visitor undertakes not to write illicit, insulting or indecent comments.
The Service Provider cannot be held responsible for third-party website content to which the Visitor could be directed from the Service Provider's website.
When booking, the Visitor may make an online payment. To carry this out, the Service Provider provides access to the Visitors to a recognised payment service provider (Hipay) with which the Owner may open an account to receive payments online for the rentals. All of the payment transactions takes place on the platform of the payment service provider, which applies its own conditions, deemed to be known and accepted by the Visitor and the Owner.
The Service Provider reserves the right to deny access to all or part of the Website to any Visitors who contravene these general terms and conditions or in particular do not execute them in good faith - and without this list being restrictive - by infringing the intellectual property rights of the Service Provider or third parties or who use the Website for illicit purposes.
The Service Provider acts as a host, as defined in section XII.19 §1st of the Business Law Code, for advertisements by Owners and comments posted by Visitors. It does not control a priori but reserves the right to temporarily withdraw any comments or advertisements that are clearly illegal and notify the competent authorities.

Article 6.    Intellectual property

The Website in its entirety - with the exception of the advertisement content - including its architecture, its design, presentation advertisements, its interface, its databases, its name, domain name, is the exclusive property of the Service Provider.
No reproduction or communication to the public of all or part of the Website or any of its elements can be done without the prior written consent of the Service Provider.
The Visitor only receives through this agreement, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, licence which is revocable at any time without cause, to gain access to the website, view and download for the strict purpose of acquiring knowledge of the content. Reproduction is only authorised for the purposes of private use and private copying within the meaning of the Copyright Act.
The Owner holds the intellectual property rights on the content of the advertisements or offers that he offers.

Article 7.    Governing Law and Jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute, only civil and commercial courts of the judicial district of  Liège are competent. Belgian law shall apply exclusively.
These general terms and conditions contain all the commitments of the Parties. No document, draft, letter or document of any kind shall be invoked to try to infer the existence of a different or additional commitment of those made hereunder.
No act, behaviour, tolerance or omission of the Service Provider shall be construed as a waiver, even partially, on their part for strict and full implementation of the provisions of these general term and conditions and any specific conditions that complement them.